Automate Your Social: AI-Powered Posting

From Blog to Buzz: Instantly Transform Your WordPress Content into Social Media Posts using the power of AI

Your All-In-One Solution for a Consistent and Engaging Social Media Presence

Time-saving Automation

Automatically generate social media posts from your blog articles with the correct length and platform specific formatting

Influencer Discovery

Automatically finds the best people to partner with in your niche, making connecting with potential collaborators and growing your brand easier.

Unique Brand Voice

Masterfully mold your brand voice with tailored styles for platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and effortlessly generate a tone of voice document for agencies or coworkers in just a single click.

Who we are

We’re Zlick, a collective of developers, AI enthusiasts, and digital marketers creating tools that optimize digital experiences. Our flagship product, Zlick Paywall is a seamless paywall service for WordPress that powers some of the biggest newspaper brands in Europe

Why We’re Building This

In today’s digital landscape, maintaining an engaging social media presence can be a complex task. We’ve experienced this complexity and believe in the potential of AI to streamline this process. That’s why we’re developing an AI-powered tool that automates the transformation of content into platform-optimized social media posts.

Our objective is to alleviate the burden of monotonous tasks in social media management, allowing you to concentrate on the strategic elements that drive your brand’s growth and success. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Zlick’s AI-Powered Social Media Scheduler is a WordPress tool designed to automate the process of creating and scheduling social media posts. By harnessing the power of AI, it generates contextually relevant content for your audience, tailored to each platform.

Built exclusively for WordPress, our tool integrates seamlessly into your workflow, eliminating the need to juggle multiple platforms. Once you’ve connected your social accounts, our AI jumps into action, generating contextually relevant posts that resonate with your audience. With Zlick, you can say goodbye to copying and pasting content across platforms. We’ve engineered our tool to keep your social media posts spot-on and your workflow streamlined, all within your familiar WordPress environment.


Zlick simplifies the social media management process by automating social media postings, generating multiple engaging posts from each blog article, and scheduling them at optimal times to reach your audience. The platform offers key features such as time-saving automation, increased engagement, multilingual support, influencer discovery, and the ability to develop a unique brand voice. With Zlick, users can say goodbye to manual social media posting and embrace efficient, engaging, and effective social media management.

Our AI algorithm analyzes your existing blog content and target audience, then generates platform-specific social media posts based on this information. It ensures that your posts are engaging and relevant, helping you maintain a consistent social media presence.

Zlick initally aims to support the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We’re continuously working on adding more platforms to our service.

Yes, Zlick is specifically designed for seamless integration with WordPress. Once installed, it will be able to see your content and you can generate and schedule social media posts directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Absolutely! While our AI aims to create engaging content, you have full control over the final output. You can edit and tweak the generated posts to match your preferences before scheduling them.
We are not sure what the final product will look like yet but we envision you will be able to approve posts until you are confident in the output

To start using Zlick, sign up for our waitlist to be among the first to access our AI-Powered Social Media Scheduler. Once the tool is available, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to set up and integrate Zlick with your WordPress site. As a waitlist participant, you’ll not only be among the first to try the platform, but you’ll also have the opportunity to help shape the product by providing valuable feedback on features and assisting in prioritizing which features to develop first. By joining the waitlist, you’ll be one step closer to optimizing your social media strategy and embracing the AI-powered revolution in social media management, while actively contributing to the product’s development and success.