Enter the World of Smooth Payments with Zlick. No more Logins, No more Credit Cards, No more App Downloads.

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Click the Zlick button, it’s as simple as that. Instead of acquiring credit card details or using an app, Zlick forwards transactions to your telecom provider to settle at the end of your next billing period. All you need is a working mouse, phone number, and you’re good to go.

A detailed overview of all Zlick payments can be seen as soon as you log in. You will also be able to view transaction history on your phone bill at the end each billing period.

Anyone can purchase your services or products with Zlick as long as they are using one of our telecom partners, and are on a subscription plan with regular billing intervals.

Your solution depends on the error message you receive, Below are the two most common issues and how to solve them:

  • "Additional billing services are prohibited on your mobile account."
    If you received this message, please contact your mobile service provider to check if you are able add purchases to mobile bills, or if you have exceeded any set limits for additional services.
  • "Your phone number was denied by Zlick Billing."
    If we see any signs of suspicious user activity, we restrict automatic payments for that mobile number. For further assistance please send an email to support@zlick.it.

If you want to restrict your mobile payments with Zlick, please contact us at support@zlick.it.

If you accidentally make a Zlick purchase, you can unsubscribe from the transaction by clicking the "I bought it by mistake" link.

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