Powerful API to collect payments via Direct Carrier Billing

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People always wanted quality content. And now are ready to pay for it.

2022, New York - NY Times tops 7.6 million digital subscriptions as ads decline

2022, San Francisco - Patreon’s creator lifetime earnings hit $3.5 billion

2021, London - The Economist grew annual digital subscription revenue by 68% to $288 million


Every second counts

Zlick is a one-click solution that reduces your funnel to a single button. This clear-cut payment alternative enables your users to access paid content, donate to worthy causes, or set up regular payments zero account creation needed, zero credit card, nor zero app to download to make the payment.

Redesigned payments

Our team of experts will streamline the UX of your online payment process

Effortless subscriptions

Boost subscriptions with the simplest way for your users to pay monthly

Ongoing support

Our Monetization Advisors continue to offer advice and resources long after installation is complete

A versatile payment solution

Designed to simplify online payments, Zlick has partnered with telcos throughout Europe to offer a secured solution that does not require a credit card nor a login. The result is a tailored solution that boosts engagement and revenue for a diverse range of online services.


Increase profits by simplifying the way users accesses your paid content. Single articles and monthly subscriptions are more likely to be enjoyed when they’re only a click away


Simplify user payments for value added services from ad boosting to insertion fees. The simplicity of Zlick Pay helps you convert more free users into paying visitors


No more signups, logins, or bureaucratic barriers to giving. Make contributions hassle-free, whether they’re one-off donations or ongoing commitments.

“Zlick enabled to grow our newspaper subscription
conversion by 300% after launch”
Head of Digital
Bonnier Group
“Zlick provides a super intuitive and no hassle solution for readers to make payments both on mobile and desktop. Their solution has multiplied our paid income by 1000%”
Group CEO
Ekspress Group
“Zlick's success is due to its extreme simplicity - we are now building extra revenues with Zlick where other payment methods like cards or bank links could not provide the simplicity required for our Classifieds business.”
Chief Operating Officer
Allepal Group

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