Memberpress alternative - Zlick vs Memberpress

Are you searching for an alternative to Memberpress? Zlick is a paywall and subscription management platform that provides a simpler setup and better user conversion rates compared to Memberpress.

Zlick: The Simple and Affordable Solution

Zlick is a paywall and subscription management platform that focuses on simplicity and affordability. Setting up Zlick takes less than 10 minutes, Plus, there are no upfront or expensive yearly license costs with Zlick – you only pay a small 5% fee from each transaction when you get paid by your subscribers.

Memberpress: A More Complex Solution

Memberpress has a more complex structure consisting of various plugins that you need to install to cover your specific needs. Its subscription process is also more complicated, requiring users to register a user account and password, consisting of numerous steps end-users need to take which they may not be ready to do yet. 

memberpress alternative

*No credit card required

What makes Zlick the best Memberpress alternative?

Better conversion of end users

5x (!) less clicks are needed from readers to subscribe with Zlick + one-time passwords for frictionless login

More user-friendly

Setting up Zlick takes less than 10 minutes (from start to accepting payments) + everything you need is built into one simple portal, without the need to install multiple plugins.

No upfront costs

There are no upfront or monthly costs in Zlick - you only pay a small 5% fee from transaction when you get paid by your subscribers. Risk-free decision for you!

Zlick vs Memberpress comparison

Which is a better paywall for you – Zlick or Memberpress. Check the table below to help you make an informed decision. 



Platform focus
Simple subscriptions and one-off purchases
Multiple membership levels + user logins
No upfront or monthly costs
Only 5% from transactions
Yearly License payment
Starting from $359 / year
Does not require any login or signup
from the user to access content
Requires user to create a login
and password to access content
Credit card is NOT needed
Less than 10 minutes needed
Full platform in one installation
Credit card IS needed, no free access
Hours needed
Each functionality needs another installation
Clicks needed by end-users to start a subscription
10 -18 (depending on customisation)
Payment methods
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Credit and debit cards
Mobile payments
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Credit and debit cards
Paywall customization
Automatic CSS matching + manual customization
Manual customization

*No credit card required

Summary: Who should use the Zlick plugin?

If you’re looking for a simple setup, excellent conversion rates of the end-users, and a more affordable package to test monetisation, Zlick is the way to go.
Zlick focuses on simplifying the signup and setup process for publishers and content creators so you can try monetising your site without breaking the bank

Simplicity of installation

Zlick is focusing on simplifying the signup and onboarding process for publishers and content creators. 

Memberpress requires an initial payment and a year long commitment to try their platform. At Zlick, things are simpler – just create your free account (no credit card needed) and start selling your content in under 10 minutes.

Better conversion rates of end-users

Your revenue depends on how many of your website visitors subscribe or buy your content. And this is where we have been polishing Zlick to the finest details.

On average compared to Memberpress, Zlick requires 5x (!) less clicks to finish buying or subscribing to content. 

This means that more of your visitors will finalise the checkout process and less will drop off due to complexity.

Risk-free start, no upfront costs

Zlick does not have any upfront or monthly costs for you. You just pay a small 5% fee from each transaction. This means that we only earn money if you do.

Memberpress charges a yearly subscription at $359 / year.

It takes 10 minutes to start collecting your first payments

*No credit card required