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It’s time to start creating your followership and selling your premium content to them

This is your chance to step away from ads and focus on the content itself as your monetization mechanism.

Zlick is the wall between free and valuable. The paywall allows readers to see the preview and access it with a simple microtransaction so you could earn recurring revenue and step up your content creator game.

Zlick connects everything you need into one platform

Funnel reduced to one button

Visitors can access paid content in one click with zero account creation and zero app download to make the payment. Pay-per-post or subscribe from premium access in the most simple way using Zlick.

Everything you need in one plugin

Feature set to monetize content and grow your following. You have a CRM, analytics dashboards, and content marketing toolkit all connected in one portal. No need to mix-match plugins and integration is as simple as posting content. Edit everything in Zlick Portal within minutes from subscription prices to button colors, manage your earnings, and much more.

You can't go wrong with Zlick Paywall

No unnecessary bells-and-whistles that break. We've included only must-have features that you need to monetize and scale your content. Made so simple and fool-proof that anyone can use it and grow their subscribers.

It takes 10 minutes to start collecting your first payments

*No credit card required