Features that connect

Zlick connects everything you need into one platform.

Integrated CRM

Customers are registered and added to your CRM automatically. See their profile and manage their payment details in one view.

Understand which content sells

Zlick provides you with an overview of your sales giving you a chance to focus more on the types of content that sell better.

Upsell to your subscribers

Zlick includes a dedicated tool to send newsletters to your subscribers. Use this to keep your community together or to do some upselling.

Behavioral analytics

Track monetization data & customer behavior on your site with advanced analytics. See everything from ARPU to Monthly Revenue.

Supports all media formats

Lock all kinds of content and sell access to it. One-stop-shop for blogs, online newspapers, podcasts, streaming, e-courses, and more.

It takes 10 minutes to start collecting your first payments

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