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Links and formatting on paywall widget
Links and formatting on paywall widget
The latest update to Zlick paywall widget includes links and additional formatting options for you effectively address two crucial aspects: improving conversion rates and enhancing the user experience. The addition of links allows you to showcase the value of your content by guiding readers to additional information, testimonials, or even previews. Meanwhile, formatting empowers you...
seo and paywall strategy
How to launch a paywall and subscription strategy whilst minimizing risks to SEO
Until recently, paywalls were primarily used by online press to create a stable and recurring revenue stream from their readers. However, today, paywalls have become more popular and are being utilized by a growing number of content producers, including digital natives, e-learning platforms, broadcasters, and brands. Here we explore this question, concluding that it’s not...
content monetisation guide
Paywall Software: A Comprehensive Guide to Monetizing Your Content
In today’s digital world, producing high-quality content is more important than ever. Whether you run a news website, blog, or online magazine, creating engaging content that keeps readers coming back is a top priority. However, the challenge for content creators is how to monetize their content in a way that is sustainable and profitable. One...
Customize paywall widget title
Customize paywall title to match your content
Our latest software update allows you to customize the title of the paywall widget to perfectly match the content you sell on your site. Instead of the generic “Read the full article” title, you can now personalize the title to fit your content better. For instance, you can use: This helps to align the identity of the paywall...
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